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About Ashley Harris,

Founder of Glitz Fix

Hello, I'm Ashley, Licensed Esthetician, owner and founder of Glitz Fix Waxing Studio! Cute name right? But I'm sure you are wondering the significance of the name Glitz Fix. A Glitz Fix is anything that makes you feel extravagant and glamorous in appearance that restores your confidence giving you a feeling of euphoria that is hard to do without. Sounds like something we could all use. At Glitz Fix Waxing Studio, I am devoted to giving each and every guest that feeling of euphoria. 

I attended school at HP School of Esthetics in Palos Hills, IL where I finished the Esthetics program with high test scores and grades. Immediately after passing the state board with almost a perfect score, I was hired at a large waxing franchise that has over 500 locations through out the United States. After just 9 months of employment I was promoted from Wax Specialist to Peer Trainer, 3 months later I was promoted from Peer Trainer to District Trainer, and 2 months later from District Trainer to Regional Trainer. It was then then I decided to start freelance waxing, and from the demand of my services, Glitz Fix emerged.

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